current interest ! genshin, toh, amphibia, overwatch, CSM, Fe3H

comfort charas ! beidou, ningguang, ganyu, eula, amity, raine, eda, marcy, anne, edelgard, byleth, himeno, mercy, kiriko, moira, tracer,

ships ! beiguang, ninganyu, lumity, marcanne, sashanne, eusaria, eufei, jeanlisa, raeda, edeleth

yay ! cosplaying with friends, ramen, iced coffee, thai milk tea, chicken rice, cucumber, dogs, beaches, my gf <3no bitter food, bland food, cherry tomatoes, getting yelled at, bugs, people wasting my time

mars / koru !

they / them non-binary lesbian

nov 14, singaporean, dyslexic, cosplayer & artist

before you follow
i heavy retwt & twt a lot ! don't talk to me about yaoi please, my dms are open if you wanna chat ! chat about the same interest with me or vent/rant
don't follow if
you fit basic dfi criteria, ship beikazu, you like to start drama, you don't support they/them & he/him lesbians, you like DSMP, you disrespect my interests